NatureMaprNatureMapr - The Citizen Science Platform

Here is our our new recording platform and database. These are easy to use tools for recording and identifying sightings and for everyone to see what is being recorded.


Go to the “How to Contribute” page (the first dropdown under the Atlas of Life in the Coastal Wilderness, and there are links to the iPhone and Android app stores. If you haven’t added a sighting before, please register and then sign in.

You can also add sightings by adding photos from your computer, all the instructions are there too. We hope you enjoy and have fun with this new system and addlots of your sightings to help build our database.

Aaron Clausen originally designed this as the Canberra Nature Map and it has proved to be so well liked and well used that we are very glad he has been able to adapt it to our needs.

If you would like to see what’s happening in the canberra Nature map space go to: