A Peacock spider - photo Norm Morrison 1981

Early record of a Peacock spider

Peacock spider behaviour report N.Morrison 1981

Peacock spider behaviour report N.Morrison 1981

We have all got excited about Peacock spiders, having been introduced to them by Stuart Harris who has led surveys on our last two BioBlitzes (a new variety was discovered at last year’s BioBlitz at the Four Winds site)and shared his experiences at our Christmas Celebration.

However, it appears that some people have known about these beautiful beasties much earlier. Norm Morrison shared a report he wrote about thier behaviour, and I have just had the slide he made translated to digital, so we can share it with you.

Here is Norm’s paper and the image he took then

A Peacock spider - photo Norm Morrison 1981

A Peacock spider – photo Norm Morrison 1981

Octopus consuming Triton

Octopus’s Garden in the making…

This Octopus [ Octopus tetricus ] dragged the Triton towards his hole until it disappeared ,no doubt that the triton will be part of the octopus’s garden now.

There were several ‘gardens’ in the area ,some were tidier than others and one octopus was sharing with a large 11 armed Seastar [ Coscinasterias muricata ]or was it not a friendly  arrangement ?


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Blue tide ...Porpita porpita

Blue Tide Creatures

On Our trip to Lennards , we found Porpita in a pool & a few days later I found a few more creatures of a Blue tide .

p1050221 Porpita float dark side up so as to blend with the ocean from winged predators & pale side down so as to be camouflaged from predators underneath. dscf2213Velella velella or ‘by the wind sailor

Glaucus atlanticus  [ sea lizard]  & Janthina janthina  [Violet Snail ] also float on the surface [makes its own float as it doesn’t have a sail ] & are predators of the Physalia  [Bluebottles ] which are the most commonly sighted members of a Blue tide.

If anyone has a reasonable picture of a Blue Dragon I would like to include it .They are found on the rock faces underwater ,they also steal functional components from other organisms.dscf2017 img_9480

Creatures of a Blue Tide

Creatures of a Blue Tide